Food Technologist Education Requirements

Food technologists are professionals who use their knowledge to create and improve food products. They have strong background in the sciences and apply their knowledge in food science research to improve the quality, safety, storage and preservation, packaging, processing and distribution of food. Professionals in this industry are scrupulous and are compensated fairly well.

Food technologists are in high demand as there are new products evolving each day and people always love to eat healthy and quality rich food. Food technologists make sure that the food processing areas meet the government regulations and standards and will have to notify the packaging and marketing specialist and process engineers to resolve the problem if any.

Food Technologist Education Requirements

To become a food technologist, the following education requirements must be met:

  • Candidates can start with a bachelor’s degree preferably in agricultural science or food science.
  • Under-graduate students with major in food science can take courses in microbiology, food chemistry, engineering and analysis, dairy biology and food law.
  • Candidates will have to hold a Master’s degree in order to do advanced research in academic or government facilities.
  • While doing master’s degree, the graduate programs usually combine classroom instructions, field-work and lab research. Students also conduct independent research and form a thesis.
  • Degrees offered in food technology are Food Science and Technology, Food Chemistry, Food Packaging, Human Nutrition and more.

Food Technologist Degrees, Courses and Certifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Food Science, Food Technology.
  • Master’s degree in Food Science, Food Technology.
  • PhD programs or teaching assistantship in Food Science.

Food Technologist Qualification and Training

Food technologists may have to answer questions related to the food products, analyze the nutritional content of food, find substitutes for harmful ingredients and may have to find out ways to improve the food processing techniques and food content and thus need good subject knowledge.

Job opportunities for food technologists abound in quality control, food inspection, food research, plant hygiene and food packaging. Food technologists usually work with federal government facilities, food processing companies and academic institutions. Professionals in this field are trained to make sure that the food is safe and is accurately labeled.

Food Technologist Colleges and Universities

Food Technologist Wages and Salary

The food technologists earn a median salary of around $55,000 per annum. The highest wage is found to be around $62,000 per annum and the lowest being around $42,000.

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