Food Taster Education Requirements

Food taster is the profession in which an individual (referred to as the food taster) takes a certain food item (or a drink) and tastes it. He or she tastes the respective item to confirm that it is good in quality and is free of any harmful toxins/ harmful substances which may hinder the health of the consumer.

Many edible goods producer/ manufacturers employ food tasters to get a feedback on the taste/ quality of the item and estimate how it may be received by the general consumers. The food tasters are also employed for the protection of certain eminent or important personalities for example emperors, monarchs etc. These individuals are helpful in avoiding instances of food poising, intentional or otherwise.

The profession of food taster does not have any requirements as such. But all or at least majority of the entities looking for food tasters may require the respective individual to go through a series of demographic tests to confer that their palette is in fact a normal one. Any aspiring food taster must have a passion for food and should be willing to taste any cuisine or varieties of foods and drinks. He/she must have thorough knowledge about a variety of preparation methods across the world.

Food taster Education Requirements

  • The basic and stepping requirement for this profession might be a high school education from a state affiliated institution, with a decent aggregate.
  • Though not necessary some companies/ manufacturers may require that the individuals to whom they assign the task of food tasting have an associate degree or a bachelor degree.

Food Taster Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

  • A few vocational schools/ institutions offer courses beneficial for a food taster. Anyone interested may opt for any, though many employers of food tasters do not have any requirements.

Food Taster Qualifications and Training

A few companies/ manufacturers may like to train individuals into food tasters so as make them more reliable. Many employers of food taster may like the individual to hold some experience in the field though it is not always a pre- requisite.

Food Taster Colleges and Universities:

Food Taster Wages and Salaries:

Generally food tasters are paid on an hourly basis i.e. an average of around $200- $300 an hour for the tastings. Also many manufacturers have certain rules stating that one individual cannot participate in the tastings too frequently, however these are flexible. The experience of the candidate also counts in deciding the salary of the food taster.

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