Food Service Worker Education Requirements

Food service worker is a professional who serve food as well as beverages to the customers and also provide customer services. To be a food service worker different types of duties are required. He/she have to greet the customers, make them seat comfortably at their tables as also take food and beverage order from them.

The job requires multi tasking and they have to work in fast-paced surroundings. Another responsibility of food service workers is bartending. They mix the alcohols and pour it to the bar customers as well as to diner customers. They serve the food along with beverages and also itemize the bills and take payment from the customers.

Apart from this food service worker also help the customers to choose wine and food as well as dessert for their meals.

Food Service Worker Education Requirements

  • No formal education is required for the candidate to become a food service worker professional.
  • Candidates may hold a minimum high school diploma for the post.
  • Mainly teenagers and young adults work as a food service worker therefore a minimum knowledge of how to handle the customers will do. Experience is the best education here.
  • But if the candidates want to do so course in it, there are ample courses available for them to do.

Food Service Worker Degrees, Courses and Qualifications

If a candidate wants to become a food service worker he/she may consider these following courses given below:-

  • High school diploma
  • BS in food industry management
  • Courses in culinary arts
  • Hospital management
  • Knowledge of food and food related allergies are essential
  • Four- year program on food service management and on restaurant conduct by the colleges and universities.

Food Service Worker Qualification and Training

Though there are courses in food related subjects, but to work as food server, the most important is on job training. Even without education a candidate can become a food service worker after the training. A candidate can even become food service supervisor if he/she has few years experience as a food service worker without formal education.

Food Service Worker Colleges and Universities

Food Service Worker Wages and Salary

As these services are part time, therefore the salary is low. Nowadays the salary of a food service worker is around $26,000 per year.  Once the candidate has experience, he/she may get a promotion as a supervisor, then the salary will be good. The salary also depends upon the type of organization the candidate is working with and their job profile.

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