Food Service Manager Education Requirements

Food service manager is a professional who is in-charge of handling the process needed in food serving outlets like restaurants or coffee shops or even grocery stores. The job of a food service manager is to perform numerous responsibilities including customer service and looking after administrative related work as well as employee management.

Administrative job includes merchandising, controlling the expenses, inspecting the stores, managing expenses as well as looking after the product quality.

The job of a food service manager is also to promote the company’s image in front of the customers as well as employees. He/she also solves the complaints of the customers and gives them satisfactory solutions.  The job of a food service manager is to train new employees and set a fair standard for servicing customers. His/ her work is to ensure that the employees are working as per the standard.

Food Service Manager Education Requirement

  • College education is must for a candidate if he/she wishes to become a food service manager.
  • Bachelor degrees are available if the candidate wants to gather knowledge about the industry.
  • Courses on handling customers will act as an added advantage.

Food Service Manager Degrees, Courses and Certifications

A candidate may consider these following degrees, courses and certification if he/she wants to become a food service manager.

  • High school degree
  • B.Sc in food service operation and restaurant management, food service management, in baking and pastry arts.
  • AS in culinary arts.
  • MBA in hospitality management etc,
  • Career Diploma in hotel or restaurant management.

Food Service Manager Qualification and Training

Apart from the course in hand training is must to become a food service manager professional. Most restaurants and food chain companies set a rigorous training program for this post. While doing on-job training, candidates gain their experience. After the training, usually with six months to one year they get the designation of an assistant manager.

Food Service Manager Colleges and Universities

Food Service Manager Wages and Salary

The salary of a food service manager is quite good. But the salary range usually depends upon the type of restaurant he/she is working. On an average, the person working in this profession earns around $ 43,000 per year. In fast food outlets it is around $ 16 per hour and in restaurants it is around $16- $26. The salary also varies depending upon the job profile and the experience of the candidate.

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