Food Server Education Requirements

Food server is a professional who serve food in a restaurant and take care of the customers’ need. Their job is to show respect and deliver positive attitude to the customers so as to make their dining experience memorable.

Food server professional also work in fast food outlets. They generally work behind the counters and use computers to take orders. Their job is to prepare the tables for meals. In coffee shops where the customers are seated at their tables, the job is to take orders as the keyword is efficient service and quickness.

In restaurants or shops they greet the customers with the menu card and help them to select the food items. They also inform the customers about the daily specials, place orders in the kitchen and serve the food. They also check the tables from time to time to see whether the customers are enjoying their meal or there is any problem that needs to be corrected. They even serve beverages and suggest desserts to the customers.

Food Server Education Requirement

  • A candidate who wants to become a professional food server may have a high school diploma.
  • The candidate can do undergraduate, masters or certified course in hospitality management in order to become a food server professional.
  • Apart from this the candidate must have knowledge about the allergic reaction of the food they are offering.
  • The candidate can do a course on health and safety in order to maintain precaution.

Food Server Degrees, Courses and Certification

A candidate may consider these following degrees, courses or certification given below in order to become a food server professional:-

  • High school diploma.
  • BS in food industry management, food service management, hospitality management etc.
  • BA is culinary management.
  • AOS in hospitality restaurant management.
  • Certificate in culinary arts.
  • Master’s in hospitality management
  • Diploma in Hotel or restaurant management.

Food Server Qualification and Training

Apart from the qualification training is very important for a candidate to become a professional food server. Training helps the candidate to understand the needs of the customers and also helps to serve them better.

Food Server Colleges and Universities

Food Server Wages and Salary

In 2011 the average income of a food server professional was $ 24,000 per year. Moreover the salary of the person working in this position varies depending on various factors like job profile, type of organization, location of organization and others.

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