Food Chemist Education Requirements

Food chemists are professionals who are responsible for developing and improving foods and beverages. Food chemists perform researches and tests using a variety of methods and insure that the food and the food products are compliant with the regulations of the United States Department of Agriculture and also the Food and Drug Administration. Food chemists may focus on flavor, processing, safety and distribution and also analyze and improve the chemical composition of food. Food chemists works with their superiors to develop and implement the best practice procedures with regards to the laboratory decorum.

Food Chemist Education Requirements

Candidates who are seeking to pursue a career as food chemists will have to possess the following educational requirements:

  • Candidates can start with a bachelor’s degree followed by a Master’s degree in food science, biology, chemistry or any related field.
  • By completing an internship during under graduation, students can earn valuable experience and knowledge about how food chemistry affects a company’s bottom line.
  • Candidates who like to expand their career opportunities can pursue a PhD, as it also helps in developing leadership skills.
  • Candidate must have knowledge about the FDA and the USDA regulations.

Food Chemist Degrees, Courses and Certifications

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or Agricultural Science.
  • A master’s degree in Food Science.
  • Certifications from the Institute of Food Technologists and Society of Flavor Chemists.

Food Chemist Qualification and Training

Food chemists should possess good problem solving skills and should be an analytical thinker. They should also possess good communication skills and should have the ability to build strong relationships as they might have to interact with clients and vendors and may also have to present their researches to the clients and to the colleagues. Graduates are given the opportunity to take part in real world researches as part of their training program to analyze and improve the flavors and composition of food. Food chemists should be able to try new things in the laboratory and should be creative enough while developing flavors and scents.

Food Chemist Colleges and Universities

Food Chemist Wages and Salary

The average salary of a food chemist residing in the United States is found to be around $71,000 per annum as per the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. The demand for food chemists is expected to increase in the coming years, as new technologies will be required while monitoring food safety.

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