Florist Education Requirements

Florist is a professional of plant science who takes care of different types of plants and manages their growth under almost ideal circumstances. The florist knows how to manage plant habitat and has immense inclination and love towards plants. The prospects of the career option of a florist is good with demands growing from many quarters like wedding, gifts, parties, other events, etc for different combinations of flowers.

A good florist can contribute immensely to the growth of the flower business. Candidates who would like to become florist may not necessarily pursue any special education but courses in floral design and landscaping would help the candidates during their work execution. The following are the educational requirements and career courses that are to be opted by candidates who would like to become florists.

Florist Educational Requirements

  • Candidates who want to become florists can pursue courses like plant science, floral education, natural design and landscaping, soil science, etc.
  • Candidates who would have full time or part time work experience as a florist would benefit the candidate during the recruitment and selection.
  • Candidates can also gain an edge over the other competitors by doing related certifications courses or full time diploma courses.
  • The traits that are to be possessed by applicants are good networking skills and customer service skills.

Florist Degree, Courses, and Certifications

Candidates who would like to get formal education to become a florist can look at some of the below courses:

  • Career Diploma: Floral Design
  • Career Diploma: Landscaping Technology
  • Graduate in Horticulture and Floral Grounds keeping
  • Diploma in Plant Science
  • Certification in Soil Science

Florist Qualifications and Training

Candidates who would like to set up their career as florists would need to coordinate with their clients to ensure delivery of the required number and combination of flowers. Candidates should try to take advantage of various events and should have good network of clients to spread the business by word of mouth. Candidates should also have good customer service skills so that repeat business can be obtained.

Florist Colleges and Universities

Florist Wages and Salaries

Candidates who work as florists in the United States can earn between $15,000 to $80,000 per year depending upon the level of relevant education, expertise and work experience. These estimates are taken from the Pay Scale website that has conducted extensive research in the United States on the salaries paid to different professionals in the United States. These results are represented in the form of National Salary data.

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