Floral Designer Education Requirements

A floral designer is a professional who is responsible for working with flowers to set up floral arrangements or designs. These professionals are required to make bouquets, wedding flower arrangement designs, floral designs for festival decoration and similar other occasions. The job of a floral designer could range from that of an independent small scale floral designer to that of a floral designing company with multiple employees. One doesnt require elaborate educational requirements to become a floral designer but there is some minimum requirement of qualification for one to surpass in order to become a floral designer.

A floral designer may require more of skills, training and knowledge of the variety of flowers and plants rather than specific educational qualifications. Most floral designers work with floral shops, florist shops in stores and malls. There is no dearth of these job opportunities as every nook and corner around the world has a florist shop available.

Given below are the details of the educational requirements and other skills required for one to become a floral designer.

Floral designer education requirements:

  • One must have completed high school education with a certificate of the same from an accredited high school.
  • In some cases, formal college education or a bachelor’s degree in floral designing, horticulture, floriculture etc might be required to become a floral designer.
  • Knowledge of soil management, marketing, business management are always very useful for someone in this profession.
  • Other areas that might require attention are hydrology, chemistry, botany and even ornamental horticulture.
  • High school diploma

Floral designer education degrees, courses and certification:

  • Certification from American institute of floral designers might be a prerequisite in certain cases.
  • A course in floral arrangement can be obtained from floral designing institutes and are short term courses.

Floral designer education qualifications and training:

Apart from the educational qualifications, one requires proper training which can be gained with experience to be a floral designer. The training program or certification program might involve a written test as well. Training of designing floral designs for funerals, weddings, functions, festivals is also required by the candidate.

Floral designer education colleges and universities:

Floral designer wages and salaries:

The profession of floral designing is gaining attention as the creativity level has been rapidly increasing with new techniques and artificial products being put to use. The annual median salary for floral designers is somewhere around $30000.The salary also depends upon the type of work profile and the type of organization the candidate works for.

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