Flight Engineer Education Requirements

Flight engineers work as one of those crew members of an aircraft who are responsible for flying the plane. While the pilot and the assistant fly the plane, the flight engineer checks and maintains the system, keeps a tab on the programs and monitors performance. While flight engineers’ job doesn’t involve flying the airplane, they are supposed to have enough education and experience in aviation so as to get considered for the job. Aspirants have to study subjects like aircraft performance, weather and maintenance, aerodynamics etc.

Flight Engineer Education Requirements

  • Commercial airlines require a flight engineer to have at least bachelor’s degree in science. While flight engineers can technically study all subjects as an undergraduate, aspirants and pilots have to major in aeronautic studies or aviation.
  • Sometimes a high school diploma also suffices for the job though most airlines prefer hiring applicants having a minimum two years of college education. A flight engineer must have normal vision and good hearing and vision.

Flight Engineer Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Following are some degrees and certifications required for a cost engineer:

  • Bachelor of science—physics or mathematics
  • Master’s of science—avionics or aeronautics
  • Bachelor of engineering
  • Masters in technology
  • Certification from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Flight Engineer Qualifications and Training

Flight engineers should obtain the license for a commercial pilot and have at least 1,600 hours of flying experience. They also need to successfully pass a series of psychological and physical tests to get employment and pursue their training all along their career.

Flight Engineer Colleges and Universities

Flight Engineer Wages and Salary

Most flight engineers are affiliated to unions and their benefits and wages are governed by a contract. Earnings vary as per the type of flight, miles and hours flown, length of service etc. The average annual salary of a flight engineer is around $149,340.

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