Fitness Training Requirements

Fitness training requirements are those steps one has to take and learn in order to become a fitness trainer. A fitness trainer may either work privately as a personal trainer for select clients or be employed by gyms and fitness centres. The trainers have to make fitness assessments, teach and monitor various health suggestions and exercises to people. Trainers in most cases need to be certified and require some sort of permit in order to work because any wrong instruction cause severe injuries to the client.

What are the educational requirements for fitness training?

  • Bachelor’s degree in physical education and other fitness or health related subjects like exercise science, nutrition and diet, athletic training, kinesiology etc
  • Some also have a diploma or attend post secondary education courses from community colleges to get first-hand experience and theoretical knowledge about physical fitness
  • It helps if the fitness trainer was actively involved in different types of sports since school. It not only keeps him physically fit but also makes him aware of proper exercise and diet from an early age
  • He may also have to complete fitness assessments and get trained in rehabilitation procedures to help clients recover from injuries

What are the additional requirements for fitness training?

Besides educational requirements, a good fitness trainer must have the basic knowledge of different types of exercises. Although these are included as part of his training, he must know and be trained about the following things:

  • First aid, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED): This techniques are taught to trainers in case there is an severe emergency
  • Nutrition and diet: Only exercise does not lead to fitness, but the trainer must also make a proper diet plan
  • Fitness and health application: Certain exercises are created and implemented to show their effects on one’s health and fitness
  • Group fitness instruction: Creating exercise regimes through group work, music and choreography is taught
  • Injury prevention and recovery: Prepares trainer to identify and prevent injuries
  • Specialise in other forms of exercise like yoga, tai chi etc

Where and how can one get certified for being a fitness trainer?

Since most fitness trainers hired by gyms or personal clients prefer to see some sort of certification, it has become important for trainers not to be just trained but also have a permit to practice. There are many organisations and associations which provide certification like the American Council on Exercise or the International Sport Sciences Association.

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