Fitness Professional Education and Job Requirements

Fitness Professional Requirements

The responsibility of fitness professional is to help people stay fit. This is a very challenging role and requires lot of understanding about the principals of physical fitness along with mental fitness and knowledge about food nutrition. The fitness professional can work at various places like Gym, club, Yoga Studio, Pilates and other various modules apart from working as personal trainer. If one has a flair and good knowledge about fitness it is a very lucrative profession for him as the fitness industry is booming these days. The basic educational and job requirements of fitness professional are mentioned below:

Educational Requirements

  • Certification in fitness instructing with regards to exercise, water based exercise, musical exercise, chair based exercise etc.
  • Certificate to become a trainer for adult training, anti-natal training, active leisure sector, mate Pilates etc.
  • Some diploma or course about food nutrition or a knowledge based seminar on nutrition and weight management.
  • Some course on first aid care.
  • Certificate for instructing exercises to children in terms of their health improvements.
  • Certificate in core stability and torso training.

Job Requirements

  • Extensive knowledge about fitness and different sectors of fitness.
  • Pleasant personality with good personal and communication skill.
  • Courses on physical training and working as an instructor.
  • Ability to motivate people to achieve their goal of fitness with constant efforts.
  • Candidate must have 2-3 years of experience of working as a trainer in any Gym/ Yoga studio etc.
  • He must be a registered exercise professional.

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