Fitness Consultant Education Requirements

A fitness consultant education requirement depends, partially, on the nature and volume of responsibilities that he is going to undertake. If the concerned person needs to overlook a chain of spas or gyms then the requirements ask for more extensive education. In case of running a single gym of a club or providing with individual fitness regimens, the education requirements are necessarily intensive. The job of a fitness consultant surrounds on providing technical advices to the interested people to improve the state of the health by regular schedules of planned work-outs and balanced diets. He acts as an instructor to fine-tune the physical well being of the people under training.

Fitness Consultant Education Requirements:

  • A high school degree from a good institute is one of the necessary benchmarks when it comes to gauge the educational qualifications of a fitness consultant.
  • An undergraduate degree in sports psychology from a reputed college is not necessary, but would be of great advantage if the interested candidate wants to make big in the field
  • Diploma courses form training institutes in regards to fitness related modules are beneficial to catapult one’s career to further heights.

Fitness Consultant Degrees, Courses and Certifications

It would extremely beneficial for the person aiming to become a fitness consultant to strengthen his credentials by acquiring certifications in the related field.

  • High school degree in the science stream
  • Undergraduate degree in sports psychology or in fitness psychology.
  • Graduate degree in sports psychology or in fitness psychology.
  • Certification from the American Health Association.

Fitness Consultant Qualifications and Training

A fitness consultant can concentrate on increasing his repertoire of qualifications by attending to some accredited training institutes and getting diplomas in the fitness related field. There are also specific training modules in the companies where the concerned person gets a provisional job. The training session of a fitness consultant equips him to be more proficient and handle multiple training-related projects in a flawless manner.

Fitness Consultant Colleges and Universities

Fitness Consultant Wages and Salary

The sphere of fitness consultancy is a lucrative bargain for the people who are really interested to shine in this field. There are various avenues that pay high remunerations and loads of fringe benefits. The basic starting salary can range from $24, 000 to $50,000 depending on the type of business associated with. With gradual gaining of experience, the salary increase. The big corporations and national sports teams can offer salaries up to the level of $2, 00,000.

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