Fire Safety Engineer Education Requirements

Fire safety engineers have to design and implement mechanisms that would guard a building, factory or other properties Fire engineers are also responsible for evaluating and assessing the existing conditions for developing the plans for safety, protection as well as lessening the risks of fire hazards. A safety engineer can be employed in various industries like manufacturing, production, consulting, insurance, research and government. Employers usually prefer candidates having experience and a bachelor’s degree in any engineering domain, especially in fire safety engineering. Technical skills like the knowledge of fire safety and suppression systems and the ability in reading and creating construction documents and specification is vital.

Fire Safety Engineer Education Requirements

  • Completion of an engineering degree course, accredited by Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology is required. The course covers structural topics, safety and protection assessment methods, fire modeling and dynamic, designing and problem solving. Civil and mechanical engineering is also acceptable.
  • Gaining work experience is pertinent to become a licensed fire safety engineer. A minimum of four years work experience is required preferably under guidance of a professional engineer to get a professional license.

Fire Safety Engineer Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Following are some degrees and certifications required for a cost engineer:

  • Bachelor of engineering—mechanical or civil
  • Master of technology—electrical
  • Certification from SFPE
  • Refresher course from NFPA

Fire Safety Engineer Qualifications and Training

Though state requirements vary, fire safety engineers have to undergo a continuing professional education course for renewing their licenses. Classroom and online courses are offered by the Society of Fire Protection Engineers. National Fire Protection Association also offers continuing education programs.

Fire Safety Engineer Colleges and Universities

Fire Safety Engineer Wages and Salary

Fire safety engineers usually draw a salary between $55,000 to $65,000 per year. They also receive several bonuses and perks. The remuneration goes up as one gathers experience.

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