Financial Planner Education and Job Requirements

Financial Planner Requirements

The job of a financial planner mainly concentrates on providing professional advice on management of finance, but is not limited to it. A financial planner sets goals in finance and makes an elaborate plan to achieve it. Since, financial planning involves detailed research on the financial background of the person; it is a demanding job which can only be done by a resourceful and efficient person.

Financial Planner Educational Requirements:

  • Aspiring financial planners should possess a bachelor’s degree with subjects like finance, accounts, economics, maths and relevant other fields.
  • Training in financial planning from a reputable company is desired.
  • A MBA degree would give the candidate an edge over other competitors.
  • Individuals, who have qualified a licensure exam in this field and are henceforth certified, are given preference.

Financial Planner Job Requirements:

  • Candidate possessing good communication skills, both written and oral are appropriate for this job.
  • Proficiency in maths and analytical ability also proves to be fruitful.
  • The candidate should also be a confident salesman for he or she has to present him or herself in front of the clients so that they are impressed and ready to take their advice in account.
  • The ability to research and making quick decisions also gives an added advantage.

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    What is the training/experience to be a fincial planner?
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