Financial Auditor Education Requirements

The financial auditors are experts who are trained in order to specialize in regulating business auditing and laws as well as accounting. In order to establish oneself in this field, one must acquire the necessary educational qualifications coupled with the required professional experience. This is not an easy task but is essential to apply for the relevant courses that are offered by accredited colleges and universities.

There is a need to follow the given standards and prescriptions of the Banking Administration Institute or BAI. This requires one to have the experience and education in order to be hired by different companies. There is also a need to meet requirements of relevant examinations before becoming a certified financial auditor.

Financial Auditor Education requirements

  • The individual must have a bachelor’s degree from any accredited institution in order to qualify for certification. This is also important in order to qualify for employment. It is only an initial condition for certification as well.
  • The individual should have an educational degree in Finance, Business Management, and/ or Banking.
  • The individual has to apply for certification in advanced courses such as Quantitative Business Marketing, Accountancy and Real Estate. This is necessary for certain institutions and firms.
  • In order to become a Financial Auditor, one must be certified from BAI. There is a need for at least 2 years of experience in the financial industry.

Financial Auditor Degrees, Courses and Certification

  • Bachelor Degree in Business Management
  • Bachelor Degree in Finance, Banking
  • Financial Audit Certification
  • Concurrent Audit of Banks Certification

Financial Auditor Qualification and Training

There is a need for certain amount of training before one can acquire a Certification in financial Auditing. The aspirant has to go through intense training seminars, workshops and more in order to gain some professional experience. It is important to have at least two to four years of internal financial auditing experience through training. The standard training process takes about two years to complete. One has to complete three years of CFA examination.

Financial Auditor Colleges and Universities

Financial Auditor Wages and Salaries

The average financial auditor is paid around $67,900 per annum. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics states that there is an increased demand for these professionals since 2011. There are banks and firms where the wages will vary. The salary is also dependent on the amount of experience gained by the professional over time.

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