Financial Accountant Education and Job Requirements

Financial Accountant Requirements

A financial accountant’s main job is to manage the accounts of the clients in regards to the matters of taxes and relevant statutory regulations. A financial accountant works for a government body or a private organization. In few cases, he/she works as a freelancer. The concerned person also manages the fund flows of various accounts of the clients in a strategic manner. The details below would reveal more about the education and job requirements of this particular post.

Education requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in accountancy with first class grades.
  • A master’s degree in accountancy is desirable.
  • Masters in business administration with accountancy specialization or a chartered financial analyst (CFA) degree is a must.
  • Certified training in statistical software packages relevant to financial accounting.

Job requirements:

  • The interested candidates must be efficient in handling data, analyze them and do extensive documentations.
  • The candidates should know the tax laws and regulations.
  • Must be careful at using technical knowhow while preparing tax return sheets for the clients.
  • Should be a good investment consultant as per the requirements.
  • Must be fluent in using statistical tools and software packages.

These points are helpful for any company which is looking to employ the right candidate for this job.

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