Film Editor Education Requirements

A film editor is a professional who has the job of arranging scenes, music, background sounds and dialogues to create a perfect scene and thereby a perfectly cohesive film.  Every film production or ongoing film project needs a film editor as this is one of the most important jobs on a film set or project. Depending upon the editing, the scale of excellence of a film can be judged and good editing can add stars to an otherwise mediocre story or music.

Anybody who wishes to become a film editor needs to fulfil some educational or academic requirements. He/she needs the right amount of training, experience and knowledge of the field of editing and should love this job to be able to do well at it. The following are some of the educational requirements which one needs to fulfill.

Film Editor Education Requirements

  • High school diploma is often considered as a compulsory requirement for one to be given the position of a film editor.
  • Bachelor’s in Art with a major in communication, film or cinematography/photography is a preferred choice of a degree for film editors.
  • Getting a diploma or degree from a film school or technical school can also be considered a sufficient educational qualification for an aspiring film editor.

Film editor Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Film editors need to fulfill the following given list of degree, courses and certification requirements:

  • High school certificate or diploma from a government recognized or accredited school.
  • Bachelors in Arts, Photography, Communication, Cinematography.
  • Diploma course in film editing or photography from a film school, community college, photography institute or technical school.

 Film editor Qualification and Training

More than education qualifications, one needs to have the right skills and knowledge of film editing to become a film editor.  A film editor must know how to work with camera equipment, editing equipment, sound equipment, lighting equipment and all other equipments to be able to do justice to the job. He/she should be observant and must pay attention to details.  For getting the right training, an aspiring film editor can work as a technician or assistant for established film editors.

Film editor Colleges and Universities

Film editor Wages and Salaries

With a wide variety of films being shot and produced, there are many job opportunities for film editors. The average median salary that a film editor can expect to earn on an annual basis is $90000 but this figure totally depends on the projects the editor has in his kitty.

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