Film and TV Camera Operators Education Requirements

Film and TV camera operators play an important role in the field of entertainment. They has to be proficient in collecting motion pictures, images needed for commercial television shows, documentaries, news programs etc through video camera.

To understand the operation and functions of camera, the candidate must possess an associate degree or certification in camera operation, to say the minimum. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, hands on experiences are highly counted in this field as the talent and proficiency is the ultimate determining factor for getting hired into a repute organization.

Film and TV Camera Operators Education Requirement

  • A basic high school degree is must for acquiring rest of the proceeding degrees required for acquiring a job position as film and TV camera operator.
  • Vocational courses or associate degrees in camera operation are also highly needed if the candidate does not have formal education on job related subjects. This helps a candidate to understand various operations of camera which could be modified for capturing accurate images required for the certain purpose.
  • Bachelor’s degree in videography, film production videography or video journalism is offered by various colleges which effectively provide technical knowledge to an aspiring commercial camera operator.

Film and TV Camera Operators Degrees, Courses and Certifications

A film and TV camera operator should have the following degrees and certifications or undertake courses which are highly demanded by the job position.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Videography, Film Production or Video Journalism
  • Associate degree in Camera Operation
  • Certification on Courses or on Job training in Motion picture capturing, Audio Video skills or videography techniques
  • Certification as an Intern or Trainee Film and TV or Commercial Camera Operator

Film and TV Camera Operators Qualification and Trainings

Film and TV camera operators could get extensive knowledge or added qualification by making themselves a member of International Cinematographers Guild. This membership helps them to interact and be a part of various training programs associated with cinematography or film camera operation.

Film and TV Camera Operators Colleges and Universities

Film and TV Camera Operators Wages and Salary

A film and TV camera operator salary generally varies between $ 29,500 – $ 44,000 per annum.

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