Field Investigator Education Requirements

A field investigator is a person who works on the field or outside work premises on behalf of the employer so as to investigate or make observations or analysis. Many different fields or work environments require field investigators. Some of these industries are law enforcement, insurance etc. A field investigator may be required to fulfil different qualifications depending upon the exact nature of the job. One needs more of skills and personal attributes rather than formal educational for this kind of a job.

A field investigator must possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills which are extremely helpful in this kind of a job. They must have sharp presence of mind and deductive logic abilities to excel in a field investigating job. They may be required to make reports for which they might be required to have good analytical abilities as well. A field investigator education requirement prepares a candidate to handle all the duties related to the job profile.

Field investigator education requirements:

The following are the education requirements which one needs to fulfil in order to become a field investigator:

  • There are no compulsory education requirements for this kind of a job but one must atleast pass high school with acceptable grades or scores.
  • In certain cases such as law enforcement and insurance, one may be required to pass college from a recognised institute or college in any discipline.
  • There is no requirement for a master’s degree or program in most field investigating jobs but in certain rare cases, it might be compulsory.
  • Besides these requirements, strong sense of routes, areas is required in addition to strong logic abilities and exceptional communication skills.

Field investigator degrees, courses and certifications:

  • High school diploma from a recognised school.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Arts, Science or Commerce might be required depending upon the exact nature of job.
  • Master’s degree is not required in most of the cases.
  • Courses in law enforcement might be required in the case of a security related job.

Field investigator training and qualifications:

One must be required to work under an experience field investigator for a span of about 4-6 months so as to learn the detailed working and operations of this kind of a job.

Field investigator colleges and universities:

Field investigator wages and salaries:

This job of field investigator is one where the salary can greatly vary from one work environment to another. On an average the candidate earns around $67000 per year.

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