Fashion Wholesale Education and Job Requirements

Fashion Wholesale Requirements

The focus of the fashion wholesale job is buying the fashion garments and accessories from the fashion designers and manufacturers and selling those to the fashion house or to the fashion retailers. The important factor that the fashion wholesaler takes into account is the current market trend and acts according to it. The difference between the selling price and the purchasing price is the profit that the fashion wholesaler makes. He/she also needs to consider the significant element of market expectations for the quality fashion goods. On many occasions, he/she leads a team of subordinate executives in doing the job.

Education requirements:

  • A high school diploma in any stream from a good educational institute with decent grades.
  • An undergraduate degree in fashion studies from a reputed college would be highly in favor of the candidate.
  • Certified training in fashion related wholesaling from an accredited institute is of great advantage.

Job requirements:

  • A few months of experience in fashion wholesaling would be beneficial.
  • The candidate needs to have very good knowledge of the fashion trends and the preferential map of the customers.
  • Should have ample expertise to locate the best quality and products and must have an eye for innovative designs of the fashion garments and the fashion accessories.
  • Should be very particular in maintain specific tracks of the variegated fashion brands.
  • Should attend the fashion shows in order to calculate market expectations.
  • Must possess excellent soft skills and very good coordinating abilities as the work demands dealing with numerous trades-people.

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