Fashion Marketing Education and Job Requirements

Fashion Marketing Requirements

The job of a person involved in fashion marketing is to market the brand of the fashion business by making use of the various marketing techniques. The person is responsible for coordination of the various product development team with the latest trends in fashion technology to offer good products to the customers. The fashion marketing person is also responsible for designing pricing strategies along with calculating profit margins. The person has to bear in mind aspects like consumer’s age, their choice and requirements while designing the product features.

Educational Requirements

  • The candidate should possess a bachelor’s degree in marketing.
  • The candidate that acquires a master’s degree in marketing management will be preferred over others.
  • The candidates that have a degree in fashion designing/technology or textile management will be highly preferred for this position.
  • The candidates that possess a degree in mass media communications will also be given preference over other candidates.

Job Requirements

  • The candidate for this position should possess an eye for detail along with a positive attitude to predict the future fashion trends.
  • The candidate has to possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills as mostly they need to interact with media and people in the fashion world.
  • The candidates should have been exposed to fashion industry at least for a period of one year and keep themselves up to date with all the fashion trends and changes.
  • The candidates that have smart business skills along with marketing capabilities to improve the profitability will be given highest preference for this position.

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