Fashion Management Education Requirements

A fashion management education must be such as to equip an aspiring fashion manager, or fashion coordinator with the skills needed to succeed in this field. The need of a formal education has been on the rise, as the job of fashion management personnel is such that most companies now demand skilled graduates. A fashion management personnel must not only coordinate between fashion houses, organizers of fashion weeks, clients and analysts, but he or she must also be up to date about the latest trends and market tendencies in order to make a substantial contribution to the field. Thus it is always useful if such a person arms himself with a relevant degree, or with courses and certifications that are of value.

A fashion management professional not only needs a formal education, but he also requires extensive training in various aspects of the job. Such training can be a part of the educational curriculum or it can be offered separately by institutions, or even professional spaces.

Fashion Management Education Requirements:

  • A fashion management professional needs to be a high school graduate at least with minimum qualifying marks.
  • In order to add value to his job profile, he must obtain a Bachelor’s degree in an area related to fashion management or consultancy.
  • He must also be educated in man-management and communication, which are integral aspects of his job as a fashion coordinator. This could be achieved through various internship courses.

Fashion Management Education Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A fashion management professional needs to arm himself with the following degrees and certifications in order to perform his job to the best of his ability:

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Management, Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Designing or Fashion Marketing.

Fashion Management Qualification and Training:

A fashion management professional needs to be qualified in various aspects of his job like client research, sustainable design, budget control and so on. This can be obtained though the necessary on-job trainings. Often such courses are included with the graduate program in design or management schools, or they are offered by fashion houses as part of their in-house training to trainees and interns.

Fashion Management Colleges and Universities:

Fashion Management Wages and Salaries:

A fashion management professional can earn anything between 70,000USD to 100,000USD per annum depending upon the nature of his work, his professional acumen, his networking skills and the scale of the institution he works for.

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