Fashion Editor Education Requirements

A fashion editor education must be of top quality and depth. Such a person would require to have a thorough base in fashion journalism, as well as a concrete notion about fashion, fabrics, materials, styles and designs. Hence, a fashion editor education must ensure that he is at the very least a graduate with plenty of writing experience in the area of fashion. Apart from a formal education, which has become crucial for added value, other areas in which such an individual might be expected to be proficient include knowledge of computers, and common MS Office tools in order to present his articles, presentations and so on using all the available resources.

A fashion editor will be expected to contribute substantially to the fashion section of a magazine, newspaper, or a section in the electronic media, as well as offer insightful analyses of current fashion trends and the work of specific designers. Thus, a fashion editor education must be sound, well rounded and complemented with internships and workshops.

Fashion Editor Education Requirements:

  • A fashion editor must have passed high school with appropriate marks.
  • He must be a graduate, preferable in the field of the fashion merchandising or journalism with strong credibility as far as writing experience goes.
  • He must be educated about fashion, materials, cuts and designs and so on.

Fashion Editor Education Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A fashion editor must ensure that he possesses the following degrees, courses and certifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Journalism or Fashion Merchandising
  • Vocational courses on Fashion designing courses
  • Certification on internship as Fashion Editor
  • Computer certification course in MS Office.

Fashion Editor Education Qualification and Training:

A fashion editor must be qualified in the field of creativity. He must be qualified to produce a stylish and attractive analysis of fashion, in harmony with the creativity and artistic bent of his job profile. Hence, he must be particularly proficient in areas like written communication, understanding of fabrics, design, major trends in the fashion capitals of the world and so on. This requires training which can be achieved through considerable work experience, interaction with senior colleagues, and studying fashion journalism trends across continents.

Fashion Editor Education Colleges and Universities:

Fashion Editor Education Wages and Salaries:

A fashion editor can earn around 78,000 USD per annum. This is dependent on the nature of his job, his skills, and the scope and reach of his medium.

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