Fashion Design Education Requirements

Fashion Designer Education is aimed at teaching the ways of designing and creating a variety of fashion clothes and accessories. Fashion designing students are expected to come up with new and innovative ideas for designing new clothes. They are required to sketch designs for creation of new products. It is essential to undergo a Fashion Designing course in order to understand the working of this field. However, it is very essential to stay updated with the latest fashion information about the fashion industry. With the growing fashion trends the fashion industry is evolving and there is an increasing need of Fashion Designers. Those having interest in fashion and a sense of style may consider this subject and pursue a career in the same.

Fashion Design Education Requirements

  • An Associates’ degree program in Fashion Designing teaches the basic fundamentals and skills of fashion designing such as cutting, sewing, etc. This is the least requirement for getting into the fashion designing profession.
  • A Fashion Designer is required to hold a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Designing. This is required to pursue a career in fashion designing.
  • One may also opt for a combined degree in Marketing and Fashion Designing. This degree course is especially designed for those who are planning to open their own fashion houses or shops.
  • One may attend special training sessions on 3-D design, computer-aided design, color theory, fashion business, textiles and portfolio presentation in order to enhance his/ her knowledge on the subject. Undergoing these training sessions also helps in increasing the chances of getting a good job.

Fashion Design Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Following are the degree programs and courses that are required to get into the field of fashion designing. Also mentioned are the training program and certifications that help in enhancing the knowledge and growth prospects in this field:

  • Associates’ Degree Program in Fashion Designing
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Designing
  • Master’s Degree in Fine Arts with specialization in Fashion Designing
  • Courses on 3-D Designing, Computer-aided designing, Color Theory, Fashion Business, Textiles and Portfolio Presentation
  • Internship programs in Fashion Designing

Fashion Design Qualifications and Training

A Fashion Designer must be skilled in drawing and should possess good computer drafting skills as these are required for sketching designs of fashion outfits, accessories and other merchandise. Training under a renowned fashion designer or a fashion house will definitely help the candidate to improve upon his/her skills.

Fashion Design Colleges and Universities

Fashion Design Wages and Salary

The average annual salary of a Fashion Designer is around $45,599. The salary may vary depending upon type of organization the candidate is working for and the type of work profile.

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