Fashion Design Course Requirements

The fashion design course encompasses education and skills in designing fashion materials, clothing and accessories. The basic structure of a fashion design course should be such that the basic knowledge of style and fashion is instilled in the minds of all candidates pursuing the course so as to make them efficient in all fields and modes of designing. While the basic nature of such a course should be to enhance the individual’s creativity, it should also help to incorporate the details of fashion industry to ensure effective performance by trainees and students.

The fashion design course requires an all-round and general approach of display of arts, that should effectively achieve varies prospects of values as in the social and aesthetic fields as much as in the cultural and functional areas, blending tradition and technological advancement in a perfectly balanced manner. The course in fashion designing helps yield careers in numerous directions, not just as costume designers but also as jewelry, footwear, accessory designers as well as home and office designers.

Eligibility Criterion for Fashion Design Course:

There is no strict eligibility criterion for candidates applying for any fashion design course. They would, however, require to have completed high school in any stream of study and should have a natural flair for art, designing and creation.

Course Requirements:

  • Recognition and accreditation by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.
  • 2-year associate’s degree program in Fashion Designing comprising of various fundamental fashion theories such as sewing, tailoring, mixing of fashion concepts with technical skills to generate new creations, etc.
  • General Education Requirements [Expository, Analytical, and Persuasive Reading and Writing, Mathematical Designing Foundations]
  • Visual Studies Requirements [History of Art, Introductory Drawing, Design, Multimedia courses, Painting]
  • Fashion Design Requirements [Figure Drawing, Presentation of Fashion work, Computer-aided design, Professional Portfolio, Drape and other Patterns of Design, Tailoring, Construction Skills, Textile, Industry survey]

Cost of Fashion Design Course:

An average of $35,000 – $90,000 is the general course fee, which may vary largely depending upon the institute and specifications of the course.

Areas covered by the Fashion Design Course:

  • Fashion Drawing, 3-D Design and Color Theory
  • Textile details, retail and sales knowledge
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills
  • Financial management and knowledge of marketing aspects
  • Fashion industry survey and planning of show details
  • Computer-drafting skills and development of computer-aided designs
  • Fashion sketching, tailoring, sewing, performing explanatory models for manufacturers

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