Fashion Creative Director Education Requirements

Fashion creative director education includes knowledge about the ways in which creative fashion shoots can be taken as well as other aspects of making a fashion show successful. A Fashion Creative Director is assigned the task to manage the various things to make the fashion event look great. They oversee the outfits designed by the fashion designers and look for creative means to highlight them. They must also be aware about marketing strategies and where to employ them.  Fashion Creative Director must stay updated with the latest fashion trends and the happenings in the fashion world and work accordingly.

Fashion Creative Director Education Requirements

  • An Associates’ degree program in Fashion Designing is required to enter the field of Fashion Designing. It teaches the basic skills of fashion designing such as cutting, sewing, etc. A candidate having just an Associates’ degree may be considered for the position of Fashion Creative Director if he possesses a good amount of working experience in this field and is skilled in this work.
  • A Fashion Creative Director is expected to have a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts specializing in the field of Fashion Designing.
  • A combined degree in Marketing and Fashion Designing is also helpful for getting into this position and managing it efficiently. The course teaches various marketing strategies which are required at this position.
  • One may even attend special training sessions on various aspects of fashion designing such as colour theory, 3-D design, computer-aided design, textiles and portfolio presentation in order to enhance his/ her knowledge on the subject.

Fashion Creative Director Degrees, Courses and Certifications

A person is expected to hold the below mentioned degrees in order to get into the position of a Fashion Creative Director.

  • Associates’ Degree Program in Fashion Designing
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Designing
  • Master’s Degree in Fine Arts with specialization in Fashion Designing
  • Courses on 3-D Designing, Computer-aided designing, Colour Theory, Fashion Business, Textiles and Portfolio Presentation.

Fashion Creative Director Qualifications and Training


A Fashion Creative director must be skilled enough to oversee the work done by fashion designers and direct them. He must be creative and should not hesitate from experimenting. It is essential to have a past working experience in this field or the person should have at least attended a training program to have hands on experience in this field.

Fashion Creative Director Colleges and Universities

Fashion Creative Director Wages and Salary

The average annual salary of a Fashion Creative Designer is around $98,832. This may vary from state to state and it also depends upon the work profile.


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