Fashion Buyer Education Requirements

Fashion buyer education requirement is subordinate to the gamut of practical knowledge and experiences required for holding the job. Since the role of fashion buyers concentrate on buying apparel of a specific kind, the person is supposed to be well-read and up-to-date about the line of clothes he is interested in retailing. He is expected to attend fairs, shows and events contemplating fashion and work personally with experts in this field.

A high degree of education is the feather in the cap. A number of university degrees may be achieved to perfect the technical intricacies of this trade at the intellectual level but first-hand experience still remains the most conventionally honored part of the deal. The larger fashion stores employ graded levels of buyers from trainee assistant level to senior directors and managers depending on the education and experiences.

Fashion Buyer Education Requirements

  • A student having knack for fashion can better his skills and transform his interests from the most basic level starting at school education degree.
  • This may be pepped up by college graduation wherein the students come face to face with the profession and learn the inside story in a more elaborate manner.
  • Internship programs and distant courses serve as add-on to the main body of education attained in this context. Greater the layers of educational degrees, higher the exposure and knowledge obtained in it.
  • Once the educational learning has begun, students must take the curriculum very seriously and exploit their observational skills to the fullest in order to intensify the original learning.

Fashion Buyer Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The penultimate and ultimate degrees considered most desirable and practicable for fashion buyers are the following:

  • Bachelor degree in any one of the given platforms namely fashion, marketing, business, retail, sales
  • Master degree in the same discipline after scoring sound marks in the bachelor course
  • Supplementary courses in fashion designing, retailing and merchandise planning are of extra help.

Fashion Buyer Qualifications and Training

Academic credentials form a definite part of a fashion buyer’s education and qualification as demanded by most fashion retailing outlets. However training and experience in the field of merchandising also counts wherein trained workers enjoy higher employment chances. Some training programs are arranged within the company in lieu of demand of this profession.

Fashion Buyer Colleges and Universities

Fashion Buyer Wages and Salary

The mean annual salary of stable fashion buyers is $42,000 to $45,000.

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