Factors to be considered while drafting education requirements for a particular post

Education requirements are useful to induct the best lot of candidates from a huge list of candidates who may or may not be eligible for the vacant role. This is one of the most parts of information of a job positing. Hence it is important that the educational requirements are drafted in a careful manner so that no conflicts or issues arise at a later stage of the selection process.

The following factors are needed to be considered while drafting the educational requirements for a particular post:

  • The line managers should initiate the discussion in collaboration with the human resource managers regarding what should be included in the educational requirements for a particular vacant post.
  • The line managers should also include one of the members of the team as they are better equipped to know whether a particular education helps them to perform the job well. Generally the team leader or a senior member of the team is included in the discussions for arriving at the right set of educational requirements.
  • It is necessary to specify whether the particular educational requirement is mandatory or preferable. This helps prospective candidates to arrive at a decision whether or not to apply for the job.
  • Specifying mandatory or preferably requirements also help the employers to feed the necessary program in the computer to select the eligible candidates.
  • The educational requirements should also mention the skills that the employer is particularly looking for. Hence candidates would be able to prepare accordingly.
  • An incomplete or confusing set of education requirements lead to confusion at a later stage of the selection process in the minds of employers and applicants.
  • It also leads to conflict arising between different sets of selection panels and managers.

Hence careful drafting of educational requirements is very necessary to select the best candidates for the given role.

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