Facility Manager Education Requirements

An employee of a company or a working organisation who is responsible for handling some of the core and major responsibilities to ensure the smooth day to day running of the tasks and procedures is referred to as a facility manager. A facility manager is mainly responsible for all the management related services and it is his/her job to ensure the fact that the employees are getting a suitable environment to work in. Their job is to cut down on the operating costs and increase productivity by improving the overall efficiency.

A facility manager is responsible for strategic planning as well as tasks such as space management, security, catering, health and safety etc. To handle the variety of responsibilities, there are certain requirements, both educational and skill related which an aspiring facility manager needs to fulfil. The facility manager education requirements make a person competent enough to handle the job responsibilities associated with the post.

Facility manager education requirements:

One needs to satisfy the following requirements in order to become a facility manager in a company:

  • The first and foremost requirement is to complete high school education from a well recognised school.
  • One must have a bachelor’s degree in any field but fields such as business, administration, human resources, management etc are preferred over other fields.
  • A person with a Master’s degree or diploma in administration or business management is always considered the best suitable for the job of a facility manager.
  • Besides formal education, a facility manager must be well versed with the operational techniques and knowledge about each of the departments. He/she must be educated about the different aspects such as catering, office management, recruitment, operating costs etc.

Facility manager degrees, courses and certifications:

  • High school diploma from an accredited school.
  • Bachelor’s degree in management, administration, business, economics or finance is required though not compulsory.
  • Master’s degree in business administration or office management is considered as a plus point for a facility manager.
  • Courses in office management, leadership techniques etc can be extremely fruitful.

Facility manager training and qualifications:

A facility manager must be a trained employee who can receive training by working under an established facility manager for 3-6 months. He/she must have exceptional communication skills and leadership qualities to handle the various responsibilities and duties.

Facility manager colleges and universities:

Facility manager wages and salaries:

The average median salary for a facility manager varies between $50000 and $80000 depending upon the level of the company or nature of work duties and responsibilities.

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