Facilities Maintenance Education Requirements

A facilities maintenance professional is a person who is hired by a particular type of an industry to manage the work related to the overall maintenance of the buildings, properties, offices and other structures owned by the company. This work demands the facilities maintenance professional to look after the repair, installations, construction work and servicing of the entities mentioned above to meet all the maintenance related requirements. A facilities maintenance professional must be a skilled professional with the knowledge of all the operational tasks and must satisfy certain formal education requirements.

The work of maintaining of a facility requires critical thinking, presence of mind, analytical thinking and other personality attributes apart from the academic qualifications. A facilities maintenance executive should have the knowledge of areas such as welding, plumbing, carpentry, flooring, painting, renovation, construction etc as these are the main parts which he/she needs to address on the job.

The following are the details of the requirements for one to become a facilities maintenance worker or executive.

Facilities maintenance education requirements:

  • One requires having full high school level education and a certificate stating the passing percentage of the candidate in order to be eligible for this job post.
  • A person aspiring to become facilities maintenance executive must be a graduate in any subject or field or atleast hold a diploma course in building maintenance of maintenance management.
  • He/she requires having knowledge of plumbing, welding, flooring, drywalling, repair, installations, carpentry and all such other related fields so as to do justice to the job designation of facilities maintenance.
  • A high school diploma from an accredited school
  • Bachelor’s degree in any discipline or subject
  • A diploma course in building maintenance or other related fields is necessary for someone who does not hold a bachelor’s degree

Facilities maintenance degrees, courses and certifications:

Facilities maintenance qualifications and training:

A person who wishes to become facilities maintenance executive or professional must possess exceptional communication and managerial skills so as to be able to handle the variety of tasks under his/her control. He must be a skilled facilities worker himself to look after the maintenance and delegate duties to other employees.

Facilities maintenance colleges and universities:

Facilities maintenance wages and salaries:

The salary of a facilities maintenance worker may vary from one company to another depending upon their experience and job profile. On an average the salary of a facilities maintenance professional is around $44000 yearly.

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