Exhibit Designer Education Requirements

The exhibit designer is a professional who is in charge of preparing gallery and museum exhibits. There is a need to work side by side with curators as well as gallery managers in order to fulfill the required tasks. One needs to have proper educational qualification of at least a bachelor’s degree before considering being employed in this field.

He also need exhibit experience since a lot of the work involves planning, designing, and arranging the exhibitions. This is a complex job and the employer looks for specific qualifications. The professional must be dependable and should be able to plan, budget, construct and coordinate the exhibition as well. Some amount of training is important in order to execute the design plans.

Exhibit Designer Education Requirements

  • A high school diploma and its equivalent is the minimum requirement for most employers
  • It will be helpful if the applicant also has a bachelor’s degree in any possible subject. There are no such specifications.
  • Certification in Exhibit design can be helpful for candidates looking to establish themselves in this field. This will also provide necessary training.
  • High school diploma with 3.0 GPA.
  • Bachelor’s degree in any relevant subject.
  • Certification in Exhibit Design, Administration.

Exhibit Designer Degrees, Courses and Certificates:

Exhibit Designer Qualification and Training:

Training is necessary in order to gain some amount of perspective of what one can expect when on the job. One is required to have an alert mind and solve adverse problems that are associated with any kind of exhibition. Communication and administrative skills are just as important and are strengthened through training.

Exhibit Designers Colleges and Universities

Exhibit Designer Wages and Salaries

The income of an exhibit designer can differ based on experience level and the organization he is associated with. The average hourly rate is $23.40 and the average income per year is around $48,660.

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