Executive Trainee Education and Job Requirements

Executive Trainee Requirements

An executive trainee is an entry level job in the middle to top management of an organization. These trainees are recruited from the best business schools and are placed in the industry initially as an executive trainee. Executive trainees report to higher level authorities and during their initial few months learn the job responsibilities and business operations. Executive trainees are given challenging opportunities to prove their skills and are promoted higher up the order through appraisal of the given tasks. The career of an executive trainee is highly rewarding with tremendous opportunities. The following are the education requirements and job requirements of an executive trainee.

Education Requirements:

  • Employers generally prefer to opt for Ivy League Business Schools to choose executive trainees for their organization.
  • So candidates must definitely possess Diploma or Masters in Business Management in any stream from the top B-schools.
  • Candidates with prior experience are preferred over others. Candidates must have an excellent academic record, work experience and an all round personality.
  • Candidates should have good presentation skills, analytical and communication skills.

Job Requirements:

  • The job responsibilities of an executive trainee includes reporting to the top management, devising strategies with them, finding new growth opportunities for the firm, etc.
  • The job of an executive trainee may involve travelling to various places and overseeing the operations, understanding market conditions or negotiating business with a client.
  • Executive trainees are judged on their analytical skills, business expertise, etc that leads to the growth of the firm. They are given as senior level position in the firm, if they showcase their skills well.

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