Executive Assistant Education Requirements

An executive assistant is an individual who is employed in an office or a business work setting and generally works as an assistant to higher level executives. Depending upon the kind of industry or office the executive assistant works for, the job duties and responsibilities might differ. Their basic job is to support executives in their day to day activities and help them in meeting targets and goals.

Any person who is interested in becoming an executive assistant must have exceptional communication skills, computer skills, organisation and managerial skills and should also be adequately educated and experienced.  Some of their common work duties include representing the company in meetings, making presentations, managing the schedule of the executive etc. The following are the educational requirements for one to become an executive assistant:

Executive Assistant Education Requirements

  • In order to become an executive assistant, a candidate needs to complete atleast high school education. Those with only this qualification might not get above an entry level position as an executive assistant in a company or an office.
  • If one wishes to be employed at the position of an executive assistant to the president or vice president, then he/she may need an associate or bachelor’s degree. This degree must be obtained in office management or business management etc.

Executive Assistant Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The following are the courses and certifications which a candidate needs to acquire in order to be eligible for the position of an executive assistant:

  • Higher secondary education certificate is a mandatory requirement.
  • Associate degree which may last for 2 to 4 years is also often asked for. This degree must be pursued in business administration, computer science, office management or a related field.
  • Many short term courses in management or computers can also prove to be helpful for a candidate who does not have an associate or bachelor’s degree.

Executive Assistant Qualification and Training

To gain formal experience, an aspiring executive assistant can take up training or internship in an office. This will provide him/her the necessary experience and exposure to handle the work duties which come tagged with the position of an executive assistant.

Executive Assistant Colleges and Universities

Executive Assistant Wages and Salaries

On an average, a person who is working as an executive assistant is likely to earn a yearly salary of $42000. Depending upon the skills, education and experience, this figure may vary.

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