Event Manager Education Requirements

An event manager is an individual whose job is to manage and administer events such as weddings, birthday parties, conferences, meetings etc. The job of one event manager may vary from another depending upon the nature of the event. But the main core duties remain the same and some of them include organizing events, coordinating the activities, designing the event location and ensuring smooth run of the entire event.

There are certain requirements which make an individual ready for this kind of a job. There are few compulsory educational requirements for an aspiring event manager but other training and experience requirements must too be fulfilled. Given below is a detailed write up about event manager education requirements which can be referred to for help.

Event Manager Educational Requirements:

If an individual is interested in becoming an event manager, then he/she must fulfil the following given educational requirements.

  • A high school passing certificate is a prerequisite for an individual who wishes to become an event manager.
  • A bachelor’s degree or diploma in hospitality, public relations or even hospitality may be a useful qualification for someone who wishes to become an event manager. But this requirement is not a mandatory one.

Event Manager Degrees, Courses and Certificate:

There are certain degrees, courses and certificates as well which an individual must have or attain to get a job as an event manager. The following are a few:

  • High school diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree in any discipline clubbed with a part time management course.
  • An individual with a bachelor’s degree in some other discipline might want to consider an event management course or a management certificate program to stand a better chance of becoming an event manager.
  • A personality development course too can be taken up to improve communication skills.

Event Manager Training and Qualifications

The job of an event manager is one which requires a lot of on the job training and experience. This job is all about coordination, organizational abilities and management which can only be gained through experience of working under an established event manager.

Event Manager Colleges and Universities

Event Manager Wages and Salaries

The wages or salary of an event manager may greatly vary depending upon the scope of the event management company or the popularity of an independent event manager. The salary also varies depending upon the type of event which is organized. On an average the salary of an event manager is around $48000.

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