ESL Teacher Education Requirements

Teaching English as Second Language (ESL) is instrumental to help immigrants learn how to read, write and speak in English in the US. Besides, several other English speaking countries like the UK, Canada etc. also hire ESL teachers and instructors. ESL teacher requirements vary between states. General teaching skills are required for effectively running the classes. ESL instructors must know to work with adults learning English for the first time or K-12 students. This includes imparting grammar, word meanings and pronunciations. The ESL teacher must have the ability to adapt to instructional techniques and should have creative ways for interpreting the diverse needs of students.

ESL Teacher Education Requirements

  • Aspirants have to complete the coursework for a master’s or bachelor’s degree.
  • Besides running a class, the teacher has to learn computer-aided tools.
  • Training involves learning about various cultures and mastering best teaching methods for an English learner.
  • The coursework to teach ESL is likely to include intercultural communication and applied linguistics.
  • Most states require a license for an ESL teacher for jobs in the public program. Other states could require specific adult-education licenses.

ESL Teacher Degrees, Courses and Certifications

While a bachelor’s degree is sufficient in most cases, a master’s degree is usually preferred. The common ESL degrees are as follows:

  • Bachelors degree in arts—English
  • Master’s degree in arts—English
  • Certificate in ESL
  • Certificate in adult education programs
  • Continuing education certificate in ESL

ESL Teacher Qualifications and Training

Internships are available for ESL teachers. This typically involves taking classes or performing an assistant’s function to an ESL teacher. Internships enable the candidate to get a firsthand experience about imparting ESL lessons.

ESL Teacher Colleges and Universities

ESL Teacher Wages and Salary

The average earning remuneration for an ESL teacher is about $55,000. It can vary with experience.

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