Escrow Assistant Education Requirements

An escrow assistant works in the responsibility of managing the accounts of banks and financial institutions into investment avenues like real estate, stocks, etc. Candidates with varying degrees can become escrow assistants. Candidates with at least a Bachelor’s degree can get an entry level job while candidates with master degree can get jobs at middle level or upper level management. Generally an escrow assistant helps with the administrative functions in his responsibility. Candidates whose aim is to become an escrow assistant should do an MBA in accounting or finance and preferably have a work experience of a minimum of 1-3 years.

Candidates should know how to make the firm comply with all the federal rules that are applicable while investing in other opportunities. The following given points are applicable for candidates who would like to know the educational requirements and training requirements in order to become an escrow assistant.

Escrow Assistant Educational Requirements

  • There is no definite mandatory education in order to become an escrow assistant. However employers would ideally look for candidates who have completed their post-graduation in business management with finance specialization.
  • Candidates should have good business acumen and be aware of all the relevant laws applicable for the investment for a bank.
  • Candidates should also have domain knowledge of investments in real estate, stocks, etc so that he can evaluate whether the investment done can fetch returns desired by the bank.

Escrow Assistant Degree, Courses, and Certifications

The following are some of the recommended courses for candidates who would aim to achieve the position of an escrow assistant:

  • MBA – Finance Concentration
  • AA in Accounting
  • BS in Business Administration – Finance
  • MBA – Corporate Finance
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – Generalist

Escrow Assistant Qualifications and Training

Regarding the qualifications and training needed to strengthen the candidature; candidates can choose courses in business management, accounting, etc. Importance is laid upon the work experience possessed by the applicant.

Escrow Assistant Colleges and Universities

Escrow Assistant Wages and Salaries

Candidates who would like to set up a career as an escrow assistant can find suitable job openings in sectors like escrow and title services, title insurance, real estate, insurance firms, and mortgage banking firms. Candidates are expected to possess a high level of work experience of at least 5-9 years. According to the salary estimates of National Salary data prepared by Pay Scale, the annual compensation of an escrow assistant is in the range of $24,000 to $47,000 per year. The average salary is about $34,000 per annum.

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