Epidemiologist Education Requirements

An Epidemiologist is a person who is involved in the research and investigation of communicable diseases. The candidate has the responsibility of conducting thorough check and keeps a tab on the diseases in order to prevent their epidemic spread. The candidate has to make use of standard procedures to identify and prevent diseases, injuries and other medical conditions that are acute in nature.

Some of the other activities that the Epidemiologist is involved in are observation of factors related to severe diseases, provide views on scientific and technical issues, provide reports on epidemiologic findings and others. Various Epidemiologist education requirements are mentioned below.

Epidemiologist Education Requirements

  • An undergraduate degree in the field of medical science is considered mandatory for taking up higher education in the field of epidemiology.
  • The candidate should acquire a bachelor’s degree in the field of public health with majors in epidemiology.
  • The candidate is required to acquire a master’s degree in epidemiology mandatorily.
  • For those candidates who want to obtain clinical research position it is necessary to obtain doctoral degree to be eligible for the position.

Epidemiologist Degrees, Courses and Certifications

An epidemiologist needs to have certain degrees to be able to attain better positions in the field of epidemiology. Some of the courses and certifications are provided below:

  • Bachelor’s degree in public health, global health, environmental health or health informatics is necessary.
  • Bachelor’s degree in any of the related fields such as biostatistics, clinical research, maternal child health, genetics etc can also be pursued.
  • Master’s degree in public health with specialization in epidemiology, public health nutrition, public health genetics or maternal child health is desirable.
  • Doctoral degree in fields such as toxicology, pathobiology, epidemiology, biostatistics etc is desirable for higher positions.

Epidemiologist Qualification and Training

An epidemiologist should have skills that are necessary to perform well on the job such as good concentration power, active listening skills, critical thinking ability, good math skills and analytical skills as well. The job of an epidemiologist involves continuous improvement from time to time in order to keep up with the changing needs of epidemiology field. In order to fulfill this requirement the epidemiologist can undertake training courses that are offered by the Association of professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology accordingly.

Epidemiologist Colleges and Universities

Epidemiologist Wages and Salaries

The starting salary for an epidemiologist is around $45,000 which can go up to $1, 00,000 based on the qualifications and the experience acquired by the candidate.

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