Environmental Landscape Architect Education Requirements

Environmental landscape architect education must be oriented towards equipping him with skills to harmonize between nature and culture, between natural beauty and health and manmade designs and amenities. This requires considerable formal education in the shape of proficiency in both art and science, as environmental landscape architecture combines the demands of architecture, which is ultimately a technological field with the skills of art and aesthetics. Since the field is an upcoming one, formal education in environmental landscape architecture can be obtained at reputed institutions.

Apart from formal education which is challenging enough in this field, the environmental landscape architect must be proficient in various areas like translating designs on paper into practical and sustainable designs in reality, coordinating with city planners and government bodies, and managing accounts and funds. His education should be such that these factors are taken into consideration as well.

Environmental Landscape Architect Education Requirements:

  • An environmental landscape architect must be a graduate in the field.
  • If he is a graduate in any other field, but desires to work as an environmental landscape architect, he must obtain a post graduation degree in Landscape Architecture which is usually a three year degree course of full time study.

Environmental Landscape Architect Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

An environmental landscape architect must possess the following degrees and certifications to be eligible for this job:

  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture [BLA]
  • Master of Landscape Architecture [MLA]
  • Certification from Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board [LAAB]

Environmental Landscape Architect Qualifications and Training:

An environmental landscape architect must be qualified to understand the technical aspects of his job and the means of achieving sustainable designs with limited funds. He must have hands on experience on the field through internships or industrial training during his graduation or post graduation courses which would precisely equip him with those skills required for this position.

Environmental Landscape Architect Colleges and Universities:

Environmental Landscape Architect Wages and Salaries:

An environmental landscape architect can earn between 90,000$ to 130,000$ annually depending on the project, its scale and scope and eventual success. Since this career is project based, earnings may vary depending on the projects offered to the environmental landscape architect.

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