Environmental Geologist Education Requirements

An environmental geologist is a trained and qualified individual who studies the physical characteristics of the earth’s composition. They not only study, analyze and conduct research but also work in labs, field and use many tools and software to collect important data and analyze findings.  These individuals are required to perform a number of other duties and responsibilities.

To be able to perform all these tasks, an individual who is interested in the field of environmental geology, must first fulfill certain education requirements and specifications. Given below is more information on the same.

Environmental Geologist Education Requirements

  • The first step towards becoming an environmental geologist is pursuing high school and passing it with subjects like physics, geography, geology, Mathematics etc.
  • Completing a bachelors’ degree in Geology is the second step which one needs to take if he/she wants to become an environmental geologist. Choosing environmental science as the graduation degree or field can also prove to be useful.
  • Masters degree is generally not required, but in some cases, having this degree can help to be hired at higher level positions.

Environmental Geologist Degrees, Courses and Certifications

One must consider pursuing the following given degrees, courses etc in order to go on to become an environmental geologist:

  • High school education from a recognized school.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Geology or Environmental science from an accredited college or University.
  • Master’s level education, though not compulsory, might be preferred by some employers.
  • Some states require a practicing certification or licensure to be able to start work as an environmental geologist.

Environmental Geologist Qualification and Training

Just the way education and formal classes are important for one to become an environmental geologist, training and experience too is crucial for building a good career. Training programs in this field can equip a candidate with the right amount of knowledge, experience, better understanding and skills which are required to do well at the job. Candidates can opt for internships or training programs which are conducted by certain organizations before formally applying for a full fledged job. These programs may last from months to a year.

Environmental Geologist Colleges and Universities

Environmental Geologist Wages and Salaries

On an average, any person working as an environmental geologist with a company or organization is likely to earn an annual salary of $77000. On the basis of the individual’s skills and qualifications, this figure may vary.

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