Environment Lawyer Education Requirements

An environment lawyer education generally requires on attending and successfully completing a graduation course in the field of law, along with specifications in the concerned area of profession. The career of an environment lawyer requires him to work with some particular organization, private firm or government agency, involved in this area of work, and help them define the laws that should govern all environmental practices and deal with important issues such as ecology, pollution, public health, sustainability of resources, etc. Considering the complexity of the laws of environment, it is generally advisable that the environment lawyer education must include a long span of time during which the individual will be practicing law to gain expertise in the subject and be successful in the profession later on.

Apart from that formal education, another requirement is to acquire and develop several skills that make him eligible for the profession, such as analytical and logical skills to understand the specific situation and prepare a fetching report by gathering and presenting points that can turn the case to his/ his client’s favour.

Environment Lawyer Education Requirements:

  • An environment lawyer must have completed a three-year bachelor’s degree in the field of law. One needs to attend a graduation course in a law school that has been recognized and approved by the American Bar Association.
  • Environment Lawyers require appearing in a State Bar exam and passing it successfully for the jurisdiction he will be practicing law in.
  • An environment lawyer can complete a one-year master’s degree program in environmental law, to increase his knowledge and eligibility for the profession.
  • Most companies and organizations that employ/ hire environment lawyers look for the ones who have certificates of specialization in some environment project, on topics such as degradation, pollution management, toxic substance regulation, etc.

Environment Lawyer Degrees, Courses and Certification:

An environment lawyer needs to gain degrees and certificates to qualify for the job and should also have done specialization courses:

  • Bachelor’s of Law or LLB
  • Master’s of Law in Environmental Laws
  • Certificate of Specialization – Environment Law
  • Certificate of Practicing License

Environment Lawyer Qualification and Training:

An environment lawyer can also acquire doctoral or post doctoral degree with research in Environmental Law and Its Management. However, added qualification can be acquired through hands-on-experiences of dealing environment law related cases.

Environment Lawyer Colleges and Universities:

Environment Lawyer Salary and Wages:

The Bureau of Labour Statistics confirms that an environment lawyer can earn anything between $60000 – $80000, depending upon his experience, proficiency and the firm or agency he is associated with.

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