English Teacher Education Requirements

An English teacher is a professional teacher who teaches English speaking, writing and understanding skills to his/her students . Any English teacher must be an expert at the language and must satisfy certain eligibility criteria before applying for the English teacher job in a school, college or institute. An English teacher not only helps his/her pupils to improve their reading and writing abilities as far as English is concerned but also help them to develop vocabulary, accent and understanding of the language.

There are certain requirements for one to enter this field of teaching at different levels. For elementary school teaching level, a candidate may be needed to be a graduate in English whereas for higher English teaching levels, even a master’s degree in English can be required in some cases.

The following are the educational requirements and other requirements for a person to become an English teacher.

English teacher education requirements:

  • To start with, a person must have completed high school education from a government recognised school to be able to go on further and become an English teacher.


  • A bachelor’s degree in English language or a bachelor’s degree in elementary education with specialisation in English is a must for anyone who wants to become a teacher of the English subject.


  • A master’s degree in English can be considered useful in the cases where English has to be taught at college or other higher level.


  • Fluency in English, teaching skills and overall knowledge of the subject is also required to be able to enter this field.
  • High school diploma

English teacher education degrees, courses and certification:


  • Bachelor’s degree in English or Bachelor’s degree in elementary education with specialisation in English


  • Master’s diploma or degree in English or elementary education.


  • Teaching courses or English teaching certification can be useful.


  • A work experience of certain number of hours at training level is also required by many schools to appoint English teachers.

English teacher qualifications and training:

Training from a well recognised institute and practical teaching experience is required for a person to become an English teacher.

English teacher colleges and universities:

English teacher wages and salaries:

The salary of an English teacher greatly depends on the school or level in/on which the teacher is teaching but the median salary is somewhere around $40000 per year. For an English teacher teaching at a higher level like that of a college or other institutes, the salary could be around $56000(median).

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