Engineering Manager Education Requirements

An Engineering manager is required to manage a team of engineers. His task is quite like any other manager; he needs to guide his team members on carrying out the work efficiently and also keep a check on their performance. He is expected to work on various projects in close association with his team. Besides handling the project he needs to do all the background work to make the project successful. This may include evaluating the project requirement, calculating the time needed to complete the project and the people involved in the same. His is expected to apply engineering methods using managerial skills to accomplish various tasks. The engineering manager education makes him/her well verse with various aspects of the related field.

Engineering Manager Education Requirements:

  • An Engineering Manager is expected to be a graduate with proficiency in the field of engineering. He is expected to have a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering specializing in mechanical, electrical, industrial or civil engineering.
  • A Master’s degree in Engineering Management is certainly an added advantage. It enhances the chances of getting the work opportunity.
  • A professional training in this field is also required. Most of the engineering degree courses include an internship program that provides on the job training. Apart from this a person may also enrol for separate training sessions to enhance his knowledge.
  • A person is also required to clear the examination for acquiring the state-regulated license.

Engineering Manager Degrees, Courses and Certifications

In order to get into the position of an Engineering manager, one is required to pursue the below mentioned courses and degree programs. Some certifications may also be completed in order to qualify for higher positions in this field; the same have also been listed below:

  • High School Diploma with good grades in science
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering/ Civil Engineering/ Agricultural Engineering or other specialized engineering fields
  • Master’s Degree in Engineering Management
  • Engineering Management Certificate Program

Engineering Manager Qualifications and Training

An Engineering Manager must have degree qualifying him to handle this task. He should be skilled in handling the engineering applications as well as deriving work from human resources. It is recommended to undergo special training programs in this field in order to enhance ones knowledge and skills. Undergoing these programs also increases the chances of getting good job opportunities.

Engineering Management Colleges and Universities

Engineering Manager Wages and Salary

The remunerations earned by an Engineering Manager are pretty good. The average annual salary of an Engineering Manager may vary between $100,000 and $134,000 which is higher than most other managers. The salary also depends upon the type of organisation; the candidate is working for and his job profile.

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