Engineering Education Requirements

Engineering is concerned with analytical studies, designs, scientific and mathematical structures of devices and process of implementing and producing that product in physical shape. Engineering department is present in different fields depending upon the type of industry and different designations are present as per the requirements. In fact, engineering is a professional and technical discipline, which uses mechanical and technological devices to forecast the behaviour of different operations and processes.

Engineering Department Designations:

Following are some of the posts or designations which can be found in this department:

  • Aerospace/ Computer/ Mechanical/Electrical/ Electronic Engineer
  • Assistant engineer in specific departments
  • Technicians
  • Executives

Engineering Department Education Requirements:

Following are the educational requirements to apply in an engineering department:

  • To work as an executive in engineering department, one should be senior secondary school passed in any stream with short term engineering courses.
  • For technician, a candidate should have bachelors in any stream or three years of polytechnic engineering courses in particular field.
  • An applicant requires Graduation in specific engineering field to work as an assistant engineer along with minimum one year of training from a certified institution.
  • To opt for an engineer designation, a contender must have Master’s degree along with specialization diplomas in the desired field of engineering.

Thus the post of the job determines the education qualification which is required in the engineering department.

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