Employee Training Requirements

Employee training requirements are those guidelines, tips and advice given to employees of a particular office or department which helps them to know additional aspects of their work that goes beyond their usual job duties or those instructions that help them to brush up on what they already know. The employee training requirements will be different in different companies depending on the job field and its requirements. Some training programmes include special skills training which are directly related to the job duties of the trainee, while other programmes may be of a general nature which can be imparted in any work environment for the general improvement of the employee and his subsequent productivity.

What are the different types of training required by employees?

  • Orientation training: This is the first training any employee receives which helps him adjust to a new work environment and gives an idea about his work responsibilities.
  • Skills training: Every job requires the employee to be proficient in certain skills and these training sessions are held in order to teach the employee or polish his skills.
  • IT training: In today’s world, knowledge of computer is essential and so both general and specialised IT training are imparted to employees.
  • Training required by law: These safety training programmes are necessary to prepare employees for any kind of emergency: They include fire safety, terrorist attack, natural disaster training, handling hazardous materials and so on.
  • Sexual harassment: Every employee must be made aware of what constitutes sexual harassment and what are the legal consequences if one indulges in such behaviour.
  • Cross-cultural: There can be people from different ethnic groups in a company and so employees must be given basic knowledge about their customs and etiquette

What are the requirements of an employee training programme?

  • Find out the objectives of the training programme and based on that formulate a training module which will help one achieve those goals
  • Identify the target trainees, that is, who needs to be trained and why so that you can guide them accordingly and improve their performance
  • Make a schedule with the time and period of training as employees have to go back to their work too
  • Research all the laws, rules and regulations related to the topic of the training programme and impart that knowledge to the trainees
  • Be competent in computer presentational functions and use charts, graphs and various media to illustrate your point


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