Elevator Operator Education and Job Requirements

Elevator Operator Requirements

An elevator operator is an individual who is responsible for the operation of the elevator in a residence, official building, shopping mall, hotel or a hospital. He needs to assist the commuters in the elevator in taking them to the destined floor in the building.

Educational Requirements:

  • It is not necessary for an elevator operator to have any specific education degree but a candidate with a high school or a graduate degree will be preferred over others.
  • A training in elevator operation is an added advantage to get the job.

Job Requirements:

  • An elevator operator should have good communication skill as he has to communicate with commuters regarding the floor they want to go.
  • An elevator operator should have polite behavior, as he has to assist the commuters in an elevator.
  • He should have knowledge about safety measures in case the elevator gets stuck and also help the people to come out from the elevator.
  • He needs to have good hygiene sense as the elevator should always be clean.
  • He needs to have patience as his job involves sitting inside the elevator throughout the working hours.
  • He should be physically fit and should be capable of working for long hours.

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