Elementary Teacher Education Requirements

An elementary teacher is a professional teacher who is responsible for imparting knowledge and education to school children studying from 1-6 grades. These professionals are appointed to teach any subject such as Mathematics, Science, English, other language, Arts, Social science etc. depending upon the personal choice or preference. Elementary teaching requires the sensibility to handle children during their growing years and thus this job is challenging for most. Any person who wishes to become an elementary teacher is required to satisfy certain qualifications in order to get the job. These qualifications could be both educational or skill based.

Elementary teachers need to complete their graduation in elementary teaching with specialisation in any subject of their choice. In addition to this, they also need to satisfy other aspects related to this job as well such as proper training, ability to handle small children, sensitivity to take care of the growing needs of the pupils etc.

Elementary teacher education requirements:

  • One must have successfully passed high school from an accredited school so as to study further and get into the teaching line.
  • Any person wishing to become an elementary teacher needs to have a bachelor’s degree in elementary education with specialisation in a certain subject. Bachelor’s degree in any other subject can also be given a pass in certain cases.
  • A master’s degree is not a requisite but can be preferred in certain cases.
  • A high school passing certificate or diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree in elementary school teaching/bachelor’s degree in any subject
  • Master’s degree in any subject
  • A course in teaching from a recognised college or institute.
  • Training in an accredited school with a certain minimum number of hours of practical teaching experience.

Elementary teacher degree, courses and certifications:

Elementary teacher qualifications and training

An elementary teaching aspirant can take training in a recognised school in a subject of his/her choice so as to qualify for a teaching job in elementary education. This training period lasts for a certain number of months depending upon the requirement of the city schools.

Elementary teacher colleges and universities:

Elementary teacher wages and salaries:

An elementary teacher’s salary can differ from that of the other on the basis of the level of standard of school they teach in. This figure could range from $20000 to $56000 per year. In certain cases the annual teaching salary for an elementary teacher is also somewhere around $60000.

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