Electrical Trainee Education and Job Requirements

Electrical Trainee Requirements

An electrical trainee has a degree in electrical engineering and works under a supervisor in a company that either specializes in electrical goods and services or integrates support services related to electrical engineering or both. The work involves a holistic application of the engineering knowledge so that the results obtained require no further optimization. An electrical trainee also strives for upgrading the current band of technology. The points mentioned below would indicate more about the education and job requirements for this post.

Education requirements:

  • A bachelor’s in technology in electrical engineering from a reputed institute with first class honors.
  • A master’s in technology in electrical engineering/computer engineering with first class honors.
  • Certified training in engineering based software packages.

Job Requirements:

  • The interested candidates must exhibit prowess in application of advanced electrical engineering concepts.
  • Should have vast knowledge in complex circuit designs.
  • Must have clear ideas about the current technological frameworks in the arena of electrical engineering.
  • Should be a very good team player with good coordination skills.
  • The candidates should be able to perform rigorous quantitative analysis in the realm of electrical engineering.
  • Must also have basic skills of documenting the progress of the various engineering assignments.

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