Electrical Technician Education and Job Requirements

Electrical Technician Requirements

Electrical technicians as the name suggests are the people who are primarily responsible for installing eclectic appliances in our household and looking after their maintenance and diagnosing problems in case of any failures. In short they are responsible for all kinds of electrical jobs inside or outside the house. The job may not be very prestigious, but is one of those jobs which is highly in demand. If the technician can provide good service then he can start his own business as well instead of working for electric service companies which is by far the most popular choice.

Electrical Technician  Educational Requirements

  • Candidate should have the bare minimum level of education, in order to converse with people.
  • Candidate should have  apprentice training of at least 2-3 year s before he can formally apply for the job of an Electric technician
  • Candidate should have a license to work in a given state

Electrical Technician Job Requirements

  • Applicant should have good base in mathematics so that he can understand the working techniques of various electrical circuits
  • Applicant should have a sense of good customer service and ensure that his customers are totally satisfied with his work
  • Applicant should have the skill of good time management , so that he can effectively manage and control all kinds of trouble shooting issues

The job of an electric technician is very demanding and involve s great amount of risk, so a candidate should take adequate safety measures and should have a fit body so that he can handle the pressure which his job demands

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