Electrical Safety Certificate Requirements

For ensuring the safety of residents in a residential or commercial property, the Electricity Safety (Installations) Regulations 2009 and Electricity Safety Act 1998 developed some regulations pertaining to electric installations. These regulations specify that every property owner has to obtain an electrical safety certificate on behalf of the property, which specifies that all t electrical installations and electrical equipment do not violate any legal regulation.

The equipment and wiring are safe to use. If any property owner fails to obtain this electrical safety certificate, then it is considered to be a legal offence and necessary legal action can be taken. Following are the major requirements to obtain electrical safety certificate:

  • To obtain the certificate for a property, it is required to satisfy and comply with the standard electrical regulations. On complying with these regulations property is declared to be electrically safe.
  • To obtain the certificate, you need to supply the property information like name of the owner, date of installation, type of installation and electrical meter number.
  • The certificate also requires the details of the electrical work that has been completed.
  • To get the electrical safety certificate, you need to get all your electrical equipment inspected and every equipment is given a safety rating. Equipment like water heater, socket outlets, Air conditioners, cooking appliances etc., is checked.
  • For obtaining the certificate, you are also required to fill the information of faults, if any, were inspected. All the details and severity of fault is required to be filled on the application form for electrical safety certificate.
  • One of the mandatory requirements for obtaining the electrical certificate for a property is that it, you are required to use only the standard electrical equipment and legal electrical installations.
  • The electrical safety certificate can only be issued by a certified electrician.

Key points related with electrical safety certificate requirements

Following are some major points which should be considered for obtaining the electrical safety certificate:

  • As per the standard rules and regulations, a certified electrical contractor who performs electrical installation must complete a certificate of electrical safety and compliance and hand over its one copy to the property owner.
  • An electrical contractor must provide a completed electrical safety certificate in reference to the work carried out within 28 days of completing the work, failing to which he may have to face disciplinary action and it may also result in cancellation of his license.

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