Electrical Contractor Education Requirements

Electrical contractor is required to install electrical devices. These professionals may even be involved in designing new electrical devices. Electrical contractors are also given the task of maintaining these devices and even repairing these. They also handle wiring work; they need to install wiring in different setting, maintain and also repair them.

It is essential to have good knowledge about the installation and maintenance of these devices and also acquire license to practice this profession. There is a wide scope for these professionals. They may be employed for handling such installation projects in office settings, at residences, hotels, hospitals and various other places.

Electrical Contractor Education Requirements:

  • It is essential to acquire a high school diploma to start with.
  • Post attaining a high school diploma one must get admission in a relevant course at an accredited technical school/ college.
  • There are a number of vocational courses offered for those aspiring to get into this profession; these candidates may enroll in one such course.

Electrical Contractor Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

  • There is no specific degree course that one needs to pursue for becoming an electrical contractor.
  • After acquiring high school diploma with good grades one should go for an apprenticeship program in electrical work. This program is completed in a total of four years.
  • An aspiring electrical contractor may specialize in construction related work or maintenance work; different courses are offered for both.
  • One also requires clearing a test to acquire license for practicing this profession.

Electrical Contractor Qualification and Training:

  • The apprenticeship program in electrical work mentioned in the above section includes more of training. It offers a minimum of 2,000 hours of training each year.
  • Many organizations also offer on the job training.

Electrical Contractor Colleges and Universities

Electrical Contractor Wages and Salaries:

An electrical contractor may earn an average annual salary of $ 65,000.

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